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Funeral livestreaming at a church

What is livestreaming

It is a technology that enables a video stream to be broadcasted via the internet to an audience in real-time (over platforms like Vimeo, Zoom or YouTube), instead of being recorded, edited and uploaded after the event. For example, Webinars on Zoom where viewers can interact with the presenters by asking questions and the presenters can reply back to them - in real-time.


Just like the above webinars, our funeral live streaming technology is similar in a way, except that it is set up to be a one-way communication. On the other hand, our wedding live streams can be tailored to be a 2-way setup, but this will need to be discussed in advance at the time of booking.


We understand that one of the main reasons our live-streaming services are required is because the families we work with have relatives and friends of all ages who are located all over the world. Our web portals are user-friendly and can be accessed by ages 3 to 100 years old, provided they have been given the correct link.


All our live streams are also recorded and available for up to two weeks so they can be re-watched or watched again within the two-week time frame.

We also gift our families a link to the video on our SM channels that will be available forever.

Why would you need live streaming?

There are many reasons why one would choose to live stream an event. When we speak with the families we work with, we discuss what part of the service is significant to them and 100% of the time the answer is - Everything! All they want is beautiful memories of the day, be it a funeral or a wedding service.

Memories of the day - captured for a lifetime!

Whilst the benefits of live streaming allow online viewers the chance to view and be a part of the service, it also offers the family and their loved ones an option to watch back the video at their own time in their own space.


Based on feedback we have received

1. The son of the deceased who engaged our services asked us to film outside the church, when he watched our live stream video, he was overwhelmed to see friends and relatives he had not seen for years (because of Covid-19 restrictions). He also noted that his day was a huge blur and watching back and listening to the eulogies from family and friends brought back many beautiful memories. This review is available on Google reviews.

2. Another feedback was from a husband who had hearing problems and couldn't hear any of the eulogies at the service. He called us to tell us how happy he was because he could hear everything on his TV and - without putting his hearing aids on. This review is available on Google reviews.


Accessibility - all over the world at your fingertips

As much as we would like to have our loved ones close to us, whether it be a happy occasion or a sad one, it’s not always possible. Reasons like having an elderly or unwell family member, work commitments, last minute preparation with travel costs and accommodation are factors that make it hard to travel.


Based on feedback we have received

1. One of our recent funeral live streams was for a 90-year-old sister who was in the hospital and couldn’t make it to her brother’s funeral. Through our live stream, she was able to watch, listen and lament the loss of her brother in her own space. This review is available on Google reviews.


2. We were asked to live stream a wedding for 2 grandparents located in China. The couple couldn't find anyone who could stream to China due to the censorship firewalls that China has placed. We made it work! This review is available on Google reviews.


Our live streams can be watched and re-watched with a click of a button; it may not substitute the feeling of being there in person but our live streams are TRULY – the next thing to being there!

What are the potential problems that can impact a live stream?

Mobile Connectivity - Although we have invested in the top three internet providers coupled with cellular bonding, we often explain to our families to consider these potential issues. If we are in a location with little to no mobile connection, we will alert the viewers in advance via a Low-Internet-Connection pop-up slide on our web portal of the potential problem.


Caktus Production's team are well equipped with the latest technology to give our families and viewers a pleasant live stream experience. Starting from Australia's top 3 internet mobile providers - Telstra (5G), Optus (4G+) and Vodafone (5G), to using LiveU Solo, a piece of equipment that uses a technology called Cellular-Bonding a technology that combines the top 3 internet mobile providers to give the best internet connection at your chosen venue. All our streams are automatically recorded as a secondary backup if anything should happen during the live stream, so if the stream disconnects due to a sudden drop in mobile connectivity (zero mobile reception), then this recording would be replaced in the allocated web portal within a few hours of the service.


Caktus Productions is here for you - we mean it

If you have any questions about our funeral or wedding live streaming options, please feel free to contact our team and we will get back to you within a few hours. And for those who can not wait, please feel free to call 0406339011.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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