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troublshooting & solutions

Technical difficulties can get stressful and frustrating especially when dealing with the unknown. Below are some suggestions that might be helpful to fix the issue. If you continue to encounter problems, that might be beyond your control, please note that all our live streams are available for the next two weeks from the date of going live. We also send the family a link that will be available forever on our SM channels.


Cannot find a particular live stream?

  • Before you contact us, please ensure that you have the correct link that was supplied to the family. Please do not try and type the link as even a small "." in the wrong place will cause errors. In some cases, we have given the family the QR code that links to the web portal.

  • If you have the correct link and are still experiencing difficulties finding the page, please contact us via the contact us page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. All our web portals are private and unique, and cannot be found on Google or hosted on our site.


No audio sound/the audio levels are low

  • Please check if your mobile phone/desktop volume has been set to half/full or is not muted.

  • In the case, the volume of your device was previously on mute before you began watching the live stream service, please click on the unmute button and adjust the volume accordingly.

Live stream has not yet begun

  • Our live streams generally start 5-10 minutes prior to the service start time. When watching live our live streams will begin automatically, you do not need to do anything other than wait.

  •  When watching back, please press the PLAY button.


Intermittent stopping/freezing

  • There are multiple reasons why the video keeps freezing when watching a live stream. It could be because of weak internet reception at the venue or bad internet at your home. To begin with, start by refreshing your browser. If our team is experiencing poor mobile connectivity at the venue, we will enable a Low-Connection-Notice pop-up slide on the page, so your online viewers will be notified in advance.

  • We recommend using an internet connection with an average download speed of 5Mbps to 8Mbps for the best viewing experience. To get a better idea of your internet/mobile connection, check here:

  •  If you have a low WIFI connection in your home, please try and use your mobile phone's 4G/5G service. If you still continue to encounter difficulties, please note that a recorded version of the service will be available on the same link for another two weeks.

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