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Watching a live stream for the first time can either be a dreadful experience or a pleasant one. Below are few questions we are constantly asked by the families we have worked with.


What is a live stream?

It is the technology that enables a video stream to be broadcasted via the internet to an audience in real-time (over platforms like Vimeo, Zoom or YouTube), instead of being recorded, edited and uploaded after the event.

What devices can I use to view the live stream?

Our web portals are optimised to be watched on a PC, Mac, Smartphone or mobile device as long as it is connected with a good WIFI or mobile connection.


How will my family, friends and relatives watch the live stream service?

We will create a dedicated web portal with a private and unique link for the live stream. For privacy reasons we only send the link to the immediate family via email or text, so they can forward it to whoever wishes to be a part of the service.


What if my family lives in a different time zone, can they watch it later?

Yes, on completion of the service the server will process the video and make it available within a few minutes. The private web portal will be available for up to 2 weeks - additional time needs to be discussed at the time of booking. We also upload the video to our SM channel which is available forever, but this link is only sent to the family and you will need to contact them for it.

Can anyone access the web portal?

No, only those who have received the link to the dedicated web portal will have access to the site. Since all our web portals are hidden from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. they cannot be found elsewhere.


Do I get a download link to the live stream service?

We take privacy very seriously so none of our web portals have a download option. We will send the family a separate download link via email within 24 - 48 hours after the service.


We sometimes get family members asking for a download link, and sadly we have to refuse because of privacy reasons. Please note that we will not send the download link to anyone other than the family who has engaged us for our services or the family who has given us written consent to share the link with a particular person/family.

Do you supply your own WIFI?

We have invested thousands of dollars in camera equipment and internet technology with mobile providers such as - Telstra (5G), Optus (4G+), Vodafone (5G). For low mobile reception areas, we have invested in a technology called Channel bonding and combine the three mobile providers to give us a stable connection.


However, if there is no mobile reception at the venue, we will record the service in high resolution and upload it to our web portal when we are in a better mobile reception area. 

Do you live stream outside the venue?

Yes, we do, we have invested in wireless video communication equipment that can transmit video and audio for up to 300 meters - line of sight. However keeping in mind that every technical piece of equipment has its limitations, for example, concrete brick walls. Some of the older church walls were built with rubble stone masonry bricks and that can cause intermittent disconnection. To avoid such disconnections, we perform intensive tests before going live to check the limitations. To date, we have not had any such issues.


Is the web portal customisable?

Yes. Our web portals have elements that can be customised. Such as a photo of the deceased, a Mass/Memorial booklet or an Order of Service and/or a video slideshow video.


What is your equipment setup like, are the cameras visible?

We will be live streaming, so there will be camera equipment at the venue. However, we set up our live streaming kit mostly at the back end of the venue so we do not obstruct anyone's view but still film as unobtrusively as possible. Having live streamed at various venues for different occasions, we work professionally, showing respect in a discreet manner.


What is the recommended camera setup for an event?

Our basic live stream package has a 2-camera setup. However, we have advanced setups with multiple cameras for events and venues that demand them.  We have additional wireless cameras for outdoor coverage as well, talk to us at the time of booking. We love a good challenge.


How much time do we need for setting up before the service begins?

For a basic setup, our videographer will arrive around 1.5 hours before the service. This gives us sufficient time to check the mobile reception at the venue, then set up our equipment and be prepared well in time to begin the live stream. We usually begin live streaming 10 minutes before time as we always have someone waiting and we hate to keep them waiting.


Is a good internet connection important?

​Good internet (in our case - mobile connectivity) is absolutely key to a successful live stream. Across Sydney mobile coverage is generally good, however, we have invested in the top three mobile service providers in Australia – Telstra (5G), Optus (4G+) and Vodafone (5G) for areas with low mobile reception. We have also invested in a technology called Channel bonding which enables us to combine the top three providers to give us a stable live stream connection. If your venue has WIFI available, let us know so we can use it as a backup connection for a failsafe live stream.

Even though we have invested in the top three mobile providers in Australia, it is important to note that network coverage and quality vary for reasons outside our control. There are many components that can impact the performance of a mobile network such as congestion (number of people/mobile phones at the same venue), proximity to the tower, interference from buildings and even the weather. Speeds at the same location can vary from day to day, and by the time of day. Past experiences may not be a good indication of current or future experiences, in other words - Good reception on one day is no guarantee of the same good service on another day. Internet connections (particularly mobiles) can fluctuate unexpectedly which may cause momentary cut-outs. These are temporary and the stream usually resumes. We’ll warn you or your viewers on the day if the internet connection on-site is slow with a pop-up notification, and we can also put a message on the web portal page so your viewers are also aware conditions are not optimal at the venue of live streaming. This happens only rarely, but the nature of live streaming means that's there will always a possibility.

We do our best to avoid any issues, and on arrival, our videographer carries out site tests so we can stream using the best balance of stability and quality. All our live streams are recorded while we stream to ensure there’s always a complete backup of the live stream. So, if the transmission is interrupted in any way, we will replace the live stream with the backup recording as soon as we are in a better mobile reception area.

Have more questions?

Please contact one of our friendly staff here or call us on 04 0633 9011 to discuss any questions or your requirements.

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